Review on easy to cook fish convenient pack (Details in the video description)

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Are you cooking for one person or a small family? Do you want to cook fish for your small family but always ended up couldn't finished the whole fish? Do you want your family to eat some fish but don't like your hands to smell fishy after handling the fish? You can now consider this barramundi (siakap) fish portion with a sauce @ easy-to-cook. It comes with one pouch of 150grams of fully deboned barramundi fish portion plus a pouch of sauce. There are 4 different types of sauces for you choose from, such as assam, curry, garlic and steamed fish sauce. It is important to note that the pouches used is food grade retort bag and can withstand high temperate up to 120degree, hence it is safe to be put into boiling water. Did i mention this convenient pack can stay fresh in your freezer up to one whole year? Yes, one year.

It took Ah Pa almost 2 years to find the right online seafood seller to recommend to u. Why Ah Pa chose DTS? They r ady one of the biggest seafood suppliers to 5 stars hotels and restaurants in Malaysia. They use liquid nitrogen to express freezing the seafood, followed by ice glazing and vacuum packed, delivered to u using cold truck, all processes is to ensure the seafood will be sent to u in the freshest manner. Also due to this process, their seafood can be kept fresh and frozen in ur freezer for up to one full year! They r selling net weight, which is after degutted and descaled. And did I mention that all their fish actually has a birth cert numbers using blockchain technology? In short, quality guaranteed and u will know what ur family will be eating. That’s all we want as home cooks.
Here’s few simple steps on how u can make ur order from Ah Pa’s number one online seafood store:
1. Click on
2. Select between “self-pick up” or “delivery” then click proceed
3. Select the items u like
4. After added items in cart, u can can see an “add remarks” button for u to put in ur request such as how to cut the fish
5. Fill in delivery information
6. Click submit order
7. Fill in credit card info to make payment
8. Receive a WhatsApp message to confirm orders and tracking link will be given.
That’s it! U will have fresh seafood to be delivered to ur doorstep soon.
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